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We specialise in the transportation

Specialist Logistics Services

Air Freight

Everyone needs a fast and reliable delivery of their parcel, and that is our priority. Here we make your fantasy our priority, and we make it come to reality.

Sea Transportation

With the fleets of Ships we have on the sea, we strive to serve you well.

Road Transportation

Link-express Logistics Services got you covered with all sizes of trucks suitable for moving small and large items and heavy duty.

Our list of services does not end here. Find out how we can help you and your business. More Services
What We Do

We are fast, we link you to your goals, we are Link-express Logistics services. We keep our words.

About Us


Though we started small, our Company has over the years became the fastest growing Dealers in Transporting, parcels delivery, cargos, shipments and more.

Our Mission

Our mission Is to relentlessly serve you better, faster and at a subsidized rate.

Our Vision

OUR Vision is to emerge as the best Logistics Company, upholding and breaking all barriers, cutting across all that has to do with logistics.


Global Shipping Partner To World’s Famous Companies




Ocean Freight


Air Freight


Our Might


Our Warehousing system is we organized to contain more than you can ever imagine, we cover up to 200000 containers pluse so many safety measures put in place in order to make sure all is safe and secured.

Air Freight

Air freight is often used for high value and low volume shipments. As to speed, it is, without a doubt, the fastest way to transport your goods across long distances. With a full range of air freight services across the globe, extensive knowledge of the market and an entirely independent position.

Sea Freight

We also possess one of the bigger sets of ships available to deliver your parcel to it destination. we have the best hands to perfectly procure your parcel to the desired destination.

Logistic Solustions

Our delivery solution is second to noe as we thrive above all our competitors. We thrive to give and be the best in ramifications.

Land Transport

ROAD FREIGHT Road freight is the only mode of transport that can reach into the most rural areas, not served by any other transportation, and has the ability to deliver your goods right at the doorstep. It is a highly flexible mode of transport, perfect for shorter distances.

Train Transport

Train CARGO TRANSPORT The Link-express Logistics. formerly applied to "Less than (railway) Car Load" for quantities of material from different shippers or for delivery to different destinations which might be carried in a single railway car for efficiency.


WE OWE YOU BETTER SERVICE at all day, time and moment, contact us we will answer you. From all varieties of logistics available. We will serve you better all round the clock.


What People & Clients Think About Us?

Link-express Logistics We keep our words.
  • John Harry


    Its like a magic when i first sent my package through Link-express Logistics, i thought my package will be lost or not delivered but i was surprised though; cause my package was delivered safe and secured.

  • Harry Max

    Manager Bitfox

    Mu Link-express Logistics has never seized to make all my fantasy come true, they make sure my package is delivered safe and sound to the right destination. I recommend Link-express Logistics, it's fast and safe

  • Amelia Joe

    CEO Makervex

    Great is an understatement which i would use to explain the service rendered to by Link-express Logistics. In fact am Very happy with their services. It’s the best you can ever whish to get, Try it today

  • William


    All i was looking for in delivery company is all i saw in them, they made sure my parcel arrived successfully, i am very happy.

  • Jacob Hood

    UI/UX Designer

    Indeed fast and secure as they said, make your trial today and be a partaker of the world class services they offer.

  • Smith Row

    Forex exchanger

    In the past after trying out so many other logistics companies, i finally consort to them and they didn't fail me at all.

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Why Choos Us

Why You Like Link-express Logistics?


Speediness is one of the integral part of Logistics. We are breezy.


Time is money, and the sooner the better. So we keep to time.

See Coverage

Having the capabilities to cover more deliveries, we have a wide rage of sea freight.

Fastest Delivery

Accuracy, Speedy and Securely are three words that define our services.


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Out Road Freight

Link-express Logistics Service got you covered with all sizes of trucks suitable for moving small and large items and heavy duty logistics.